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10 Myths About Losing Weight eBook

The 10 Myths About Losing Weight – Free eBook

When it comes to determining ways and causes of losing weight, we find ourselves learning either from our peer’s experience or advice from the internet. But if you dig deeper into the idea of losing weight, you find yourself seeing various contradicting opinions regarding the ways you can lose weight . Truth is ...

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28 Day Keto Diet Blueprint

The 28 Day Keto Diet Blueprint

  • Included in this keto diet blueprint.
  • Weekly meal plans & grocery lists.
  • A food journal to track your food intake.
  • Food Recipes included to help you on your Keto diet journey.
  • Weekly workout and exercise plan.
  • Plus a getting started checklist ...

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7 Day Sugar Detox Program

The 7 Day Sugar Detox Program

  • Included in this sugar detox program
  • A meal plan designed to lower your sugar intake over 7 days.
  • An in-depth report on how much sugar is unhealthy and where you can find natural alternatives.
  • A food journal to let you keep track of how much sugar you’re taking in.
  • ...

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