The 7 Day Sugar Detox Program

  • Included in this sugar detox program
  • A meal plan designed to lower your sugar intake over 7 days.
  • An in-depth report on how much sugar is unhealthy and where you can find natural alternatives.
  • A food journal to let you keep track of how much sugar you’re taking in.
  • Food Recipes to help you on your detox journey.
  • Plus a getting started checklist and goals worksheet.


Kick Your Sugar Habit In Just 7 Days!

Recent statistics show that sugar is the single worst ingredient in the modern diet. Sugar triggers weight gain through metabolic syndrome, aging and digestion malfunctions. It also is a major contributor to the increase of diabetes, is bad for your liver, and as your dentist always told you, is bad for your teeth!

Here is the good news!

Eat Think Wellness have created this detox program to fit seamlessly into your life, allowing you to feel healthier and happier in just 7 short days!

You CAN kick your sugar habit! This 7 Day Sugar Detox Program has been designed to give you success. It is very difficult to go off sugar immediately and completely. The program introduces a gradual reduction of your sugar intake and replacement with healthy foods. This helps to reduce your sugar craving and make the transition as easy as possible for you!

People often feel a lack of energy when they reduce their sugar intake. This is one of the main reasons they return to sugar. The meal plans in the program take this into account and add foods to your diet that will give you the required energy to replace the sugar.

If you have a sweet tooth, don’t despair! The program also takes this into account by including foods and treats that have a healthy sweet alternative to sugar!

Weight loss is another benefit of using this program. Too much sugar encourages your body to store the excess fuel as fat. Reducing your sugar intake makes a shift in your body’s food storage mechanism. It encourages your body to use the stored energy, thus reducing fat and promoting weight loss!

Most people that want to reduce their sugar intake don’t know where to start and how to maintain their new sugar reduced diet. This unique and unmissable opportunity will take all of the guesswork out of the process; you will know exactly what you need to do to get the results you really crave.

What You Get With This Program

The program is designed to make it easy for you by supplying you with the following:

  • Which foods to avoid that are loaded with sugar – some of them will be a surprise to you!
  • A List of foods that are a healthy alternative
  • Meal plans to promote healthy, reduced sugar eating
  • A check list for your journey to kicking the sugar habit
  • A Worksheet for setting your body wellness goals
  • The Food Journal will help you plan your meals on a daily basis
  • 17 Exciting and delicious recipes to show you that eating without sugar does not mean giving up good food!

Sticking to this program, you will achieve clearer thinking, a healthier body, a happier mind, more energy, better sleep, stronger teeth and so much more!

Sugar is a hidden killer and its control over people’s lives is growing by the day, make sure that you arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to kick sugar’s control.

This step by step guide to kicking your sweet cravings is an essential for anyone looking to improve their health.

Get your 7 day detox today!

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