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10 Day Mind Body Detox Diet

The 10 Day Mind Body Detox Diet

  • Included in the 10 Day Mind Body Detox Diet.
  • Meal plan, recipes and grocery lists.
  • A food journal to track your food intake.
  • Food Recipes to help you on your detox journey.
  • Plus a getting started checklist and goals worksheet.
  • All ...

$147.00 $97.00
7 Day Sugar Detox diet

The 7 Day Sugar Detox Diet

  • Included in this 7 Day Sugar Detox Diet.
  • A meal plan designed to lower your sugar intake over 7 days.
  • An in-depth report on how much sugar is unhealthy and where you can find natural alternatives.
  • A food journal to let you keep track of how much sugar ...

$67.00 $57.00
Eat Think Wellness
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