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Immune Defence Review: 100% Natural Immune Booster Supplement

Immune Defence Review: 100% Natural Immune Booster Supplement
Immune Defence Review: 100% Natural Immune Booster Supplement

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Our immune system protects us from disease and infections. Immune Defence is a 100% natural immune booster supplement that assists your immune system to function as it should!

A compromised immune system is something many struggle with in our modern world. The cause varies greatly from diseases that attack our immune systems to consequences of our modern lifestyle such as incorrect diet, or even stress!

This is where Immune Defence, 100% natural immune booster supplement with its critical immune-boosting nutrients can be advantageous for you!

About Immune Defence

The ingredients used in Immune Defence have been proven by a number of scientific studies, proving that the effectiveness of the components used in this product, such as zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E help to support, improve and boost your immune system.

What are the Immune Defence Ingredients

The all natural ingredients include the following:

  • Sugar,
  • Rose Hip Powder, a source of Vitamin C, A and E
  • Zinc Gluconate,
  • Acerola Powder, a natural source of Vitamins C and A
  • Bulking Agent: (Magnesium Stearate),
  • Oil of Aniseed.

There are no known allergic reactions to any of the ingredients.

Immune Defence1

How much Zinc in MG does the tablet contain?

Each lozenge provides on average 2.5mg of Vitamin C (3.13%) and 3.5mg of Elemental Zinc (35%).

How does Immune Defence work?

This immune boosting remedy comes in the form of soothing, aniseed flavoured lozenges. These lozenges are designed to dissolve on the tongue. This bathes the back of the throat in Zinc ions.

There are several thoughts as to the reasons why zinc helps to alleviate symptoms of the common cold and influenza symptoms. One of these is that the zinc molecules combine with the negatively charged carboxyl termini of the rhinovirus coat. This effectively prevents it entering cells. It also has the effect of stopping the reproductive processes of the virus.

The ingredients in Immune Defence have been backed by several studies, showing the effectiveness of ingredients such as zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E to help support and improve your immune system.

The recommended way to use the product is to suck one lozenge every 2 hours as required. Do not take more than 4 lozenges per day.

Is it organic/suitable for vegan/vegetarians?

Immune Defence contains no animal products at all. Therefore the short answer is, yes. Immune Defence is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. And it is totally organic!

Who is this product suitable for eg. minimum age, existing health issues?

Immune Defence is suitable for ages 12+ and should be taken daily to improve your immune system by providing your body with the necessary nutrients. If you are suffering from a cold, Immune Defence can help to alleviate symptoms much quicker. It is also suitable to take when dealing with high volumes of stress, as stress weakens the immune system.

This product is suitable for all people over the age of 12 years, and especially relevant for elderly people, people with compromised immune systems and those with existing health conditions.

Immune Defence is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, providing the daily recommended dosage is not exceeded. If you are concerned about any pre-existing condition or conflict with any other medications you are taking, it is recommended that you seek medical advice from your GP before taking this product.

With the impact Covid-19 across the world it is now more crucial than ever to enhance, boost and support your immune system. Safeguard yourself against current and future virus infections by starting to boost your immune systems now!

What are the benefits and side effects of Immune Defence?

There are many benefits from using this all natural product! Here are some of the benefits your will gain from using this product.

  • Proven immune system support from all natural ingredients – Help fortify the natural immunity defences of your body with regular use of Immune Defence zinc lozenges.
  • Antiviral defence, especially during cold and flu season – Support your body’s natural resistance to cold and flu viruses.
  • Reduce the duration and intensity of symptoms – Studies have shown that this product may help to reduce the duration and effect of cold symptoms by as much as 50%.
  • Protect your immune system during stressful times – When you are under pressure, feeling stressed, tired or run-down, your immune system’s ability to fight off pathogens is reduced. This makes you more susceptible to infections and viruses.
  • Your whole family can benefit from additional immune support – Because Immune Defence zinc lozenges are suitable for people over the age of 12, so you can protect the immune systems of your family. Teenagers can benefit from the support during stressful times like writing exams and from seasonal colds and flu.
  • Immune system support at your fingertips – Immune Defence zinc lozenges re small enough for you to keep a supply at your home, in the office or easily packed in your travel bag.

This product is safe to use, there are no side effects to taking Immune Defence. The only problem that may occur would be in exceeding the recommended dosage. This may result in some abdominal pain, nausea, lethargy, anaemia and a copper deficiency from impaired absorption.

Research & Studies

There are a number of research programs that have proven the benefits of the ingredients in Immune Defence and the benefits it can offer you as a booster for your immune system.

Zinc: Research & Studies

Zinc gluconate in the form of lozenges has been proven to significantly reduce both the duration and symptoms of the common cold:

People treated with Zinc within 24 hrs of the onset of symptoms reduces of the common cold have a reduced duration and intensity of symptoms in healthy people:

Elderly people are particularly susceptible to zinc deficiency resulting in a corresponding susceptibility to colds and flu viruses:

Vitamin C: Research & Studies

The studies below indicate that Vitamin C protects the immune system, reduces the severity of allergic reactions, helps to fight off infections, reduces the duration of colds and prevent and treat respiratory and systemic infections by enhancing various immune cell functions:

Vitamin A & E: Research & Studies

Vitamin A is a key component in the development and regulation of the immune system and adaptive immunity. It can enhance immune function and provide an enhanced defense against multiple infectious diseases:

Vitamin E has been proven to enhance immune responses and provide protection against several infectious diseases:

Immune Defence2

How long does it take to see results?

Immune Defence begins working to boost your immune system immediately. It is recommended that you take up to 4 per day during stressful times or cold and flu season in order to maintain a strong immune system.

What flavour are the lozenges?

The lozenges have a pleasantly sweet aniseed (licourice) flavour.

Immune Defence Product Range

Immune Defence Zinc Lozenges

Aniseed flavour zinc lozenges with rosehip and acerola to support your immune system and reduce the symptoms of colds.
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Immune Support Plus Capsules

Once a day capsules with elderberry, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D for year-round immune support.
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Immune Support Gummies for Kids

Easy to chew, berry-flavoured gummies with elderberry, zinc and vitamin C to support your child’s immune system.
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Is this stock available quickly/how long will delivery take?

The product is shipped worldwide. All orders are dispatched and on their way to you within 24-48 hours.

  • UK: 1 working day (for orders placed before 1pm BST Mon-Thurs)
  • US: 3-7 days
  • Europe: 3-10 working days
  • Canada/Australia/Rest of World: 5-15 working days

Pros of Immune Defence

  • All natural ingredients
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Supports and boosts immune systems
  • Reduced duration and symptoms of colds and flu
  • Ships worldwide

Cons of Immune Defence

  • It’s only available to purchase via their website


As a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic, now is the best time to boost your immune system and get the most out of your natural body functions to protect you from infection and help your body to fight off viral infections.

Immune Defence has no known side effects of allergens and is composed of 100% natural ingredients which make it the ideal choice for the boosting you and your family’s immune system!

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🤸 Immune Defence Review ᐈ 100% Natural Immune Booster
Immune Defence Review

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