CBDMuscle Review: Improve Muscle Recovery With Organic CBD Oil!

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CBDs are making their way through the world of fitness and bodybuilding, and CBDMuscle is consistently becoming one of the most popular brands. Because of this, we wanted to do a complete review and see what exactly makes CBDMuscle so effective and therefore popular among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

Today we will be taking an in-depth look at CBDMuscle, what benefits you should expect from it, what ingredients they use, how safe it is and how it can help you reach your goals a lot more effectively.

CBDMuscle products such as their balms and oils are currently making their way into the mainstream because the science behind their products is irrefutable and they have certainly achieved what other companies have been unable to do, which is earning the public’s trust by being transparent and backing their product with science.

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About CBDMuscle

CBDMuscle is a company that’s based in the United Kingdom and the United States as well and they create 100% legal CBD products that are currently unrivalled on the market and that are specifically aimed at athletes. The company was founded by Rob Taylor, the 8x World Kickboxing Champion, and Angie MacRitchie, triathlete, nutritionist, herbalist, and naturopath.

CBD products made by this company make use of the supercritical CO2 method that eliminates unwanted residues and solvent. They keep THC levels low, at 0.02%. to prevent you from getting high from using these products and to comply with international laws regarding the use of marihuana. CBD levels are kept high, of course, because they extract this directly from the hemp plant.

If you experience aches and pains from your exercise routine, regardless of intensity or length, CBDMuscle offers products that allow your body to overcome this and by supporting your natural recovery. CBD is known to reduce pain and inflammation, so it’s the perfect solution for your post-workout issues.

CBDMuscle offers four diffetent products for people who really want to enjoy the benefits of CBD Oil. You are able to purchase two different kinds of oils, a balm, and a drinkable supplement, all meant to provide the benefits of premium cannabidiol sourced directly from hemp plants.

How Does CBDMuscle Work?

CBDMuscle’s main ingredient is CBD, of course, also known as Can nabidiol, which has been researched extensevely and for quite some time. The science backing the benefits of CBD is reliable and it’s proven to offer many benefits for athletes, especially those in the bodybuilding industry.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Everytime we workout with weights, we essentially rip our muscle tissue so they can repair themselves using muscle fibers and thus making our muscles bigger and bigger. This process takes a few days, which is why it’s recommended to work out muscle groups once or twice a week. For bodybuilders, this process is everything and their workout is actually aimed at making this happen consistently.

What CBD does is soothe these rips in our muscles and relieve pain both during workouts and after workouts so downtime is reduced. In cannabis plants, there are 80 active cannabinoids, but the most powerful ones are found in the hemp of the plant, and these are CBD, THC, CBN, CBC, and OGG.

Out of these ones, THC is the only psychoactive while the rest provide relief without the high, thus assisting muscle recovery in different ways, making it a perfect relief for pre or post workouts. Users experience many different benefits with oils, balms and supplements, so if you want to know what these benefits are, continue reading.

About the Ingredients

Now that we’ve mentioned the most powerful cannabinoids produced by cannabis plants, let’s take a look at the ones that are used in CBDMuscle products and what they each have to offer.

Cannabigerol (CBG): CBG is actually the chemical parent of both CBD and THC, meaning they both begin as CBG. This is an anti-psychoactive cannabinoid and it helps keep your body regulated as well as your immune system. It’s also great to reduce pain, inflammation and nause.

Cannabichromene (CBC): CBC is born out of CBGA when exposed to UV light and heat and it binds effortlessly with Vannilloid 1 and Ankyrin 1 receptors, which deal with pain reception. What this means is that CBC blocks pain and it eliminates inflammation as well.

Cannabidivarin (CBDV): This non-psychoactive compound is a great assistant for pain, inflammation, nausea and vomiting.

Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV): THCV is similar to THC but the former is actually an appetite-suppresant and it also offers relief for stress, exhaustion and even panic attacks. It also has an analgesic effect thus reducing pain and inflammation and it supports bone growth.

These are all the ingredients found in CBDMuscle’s products, and as you can see, each of them support pain relief, reduction of inflammation and the overall recovery of muscles and joints.

To know more about what’s in the CBDMuscle ingredients, visit the official website here.

What Are the Benefits of CBDMuscle?

CBDMuscle products offer many different benefits for the bodybuilding community, so let’s discuss each of them in turn.

Faster Recovery: As we’ve learned from looking at the ingredients, there are several components that promote the recovery of tissues, bones, nerves and muscles, thus making recovery time a lot shorter than ever before.

Pain and Inflammation Reduction: CBD and its many analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties help reduce pain and inflammation caused by injuries and aches both before and after a workout like amgic.

Stress and Anxiety Relief: Another one of the great benefits of CBD Oil has to offer is that it helps reduce cortisol, which directly contributes to reducing stress and anxiety. This helps you focus on your training for longer and to go through it with a lot more ease.

Nausea Reduction: CBD also has antiemetic effects which means it helps you reduce nausea during your exercise and it overall helps you feel less light headed or queasy as you go through your routine.

Muscle Spams Reduction: CBD helps you reduce muscle spasms thanks to its antipasmodic properties, which means your muscles will recover more easily and efficiently than they would on their own.

Regulation of Sleep Pattern: As you can imagine, CBD has a relaxing effect that will help you get your sleep cycle in line if you’re having issues with it. And it does this without making you drowsy! Sleep is important when it comes to helping your body recover, so if you’re not getting enough sleep, this is another major benefit.

Improves Muscle Recovery: Because CBD helps you deal with muscle pain and other symptoms caused by your workout routine, it improves muscle recovery and elevates it to the next level.

Does Taking CBDMuscle Come With Any Side-Effects?

From what we’ve gathered, CBDMuscle products don’t produce any known side effects or health issues. However, it’s recommended that you of course consult with your physician before you start using this products, as you should every time you try a new supplement. These products are all perfectly safe and users haven’t reported any undesired effects.

If your skin is sensitive or if you suffer from a skin condition, you should indeed be cautious with CBDMuslce oils and balms, just as you should be careful with every new product you apply on your skin.

About Dosage

If you’re taking the CBDMuscle supplement, the recommended serving is one scoop in 250ml of water, at least twice a day for better results. You can take this before, after or even during a workout.

If you’re taking the oils, then dosage depends on the amount of CBD present. For example, this brand offers two kinds of CBD oils, one with 12% cannabidiol which is 1200mg and one with 6% cannabidiol which is 600mg.

If you’re using the first one, the recommended dosage is 2 to 3 drops twice a day, in the morning and evening, and after a week the dosage can be slightly increased. If you’re using the second one, you can take 4 to 5 drops instead, twice a day.

If you’ve never taken CBD oils before, it’s best to start with the lowest dose possible and then start increasing from there as your body gets used to it.

It’s also recommended to place the drops under the tongue and hold them there for a few seconds so they can be directly absorbed by your body before you swallow them.

Product Range and Description

Now let’s take a look at all the products CBDMuscle has to offer and what they’re designed for so you can make the best choice possible.

Full Strength 4% CBD + BCAA Formula


This is basically a bodybuilding supplement with the difference that contains 25g of CBD per serving. The formula that CBDMuslce brings forward is meant to help your muscles and joints restore quickly thanks to a proprietary combination of Phytocannabinoids.

This supplement will provide a boost for your skills, both pre and post workout. It’s also not harmful for your health and it acts as anti-inflammatory and analgesic so you can recover quicker.

The BCAA formula focuses primarily on reducing muscle fatigue and promoting the muscle building process so you can reach your bodybuilding goals a lot more easily and with a lot less discomfort than ever.

Full Strength 300MG CBD Recovery Balm

CBDMuscle Recovery Balm

This CBDMuscle balm is specifically made to help you heal your joints and muscles and it contains a balanced amount of CBD, which is extracted right from the hemp. The balm offers a fresh feel when you apply it on your skin and it doesn’t cause any unwanted side effects such as rashes or irritations.

This balm is meant to be used if you don’t want to take CBD oil and it has an easier application because all you need to do is rub it in the affected areas. Immediately after you will feel relief and the soothing effects it’s meant to provide.

The CBDMuscle balm can be applied at any time of the day, just avoid contact with the eyes. It offers benefits people who are more likely to suffer from injuries, who are experiencing extreme muscle fatigue and people who regularly participate in weight lifting training.

Extra Strength 12% CBD Recovery Oil

cbdoil 12percent

CBDMuscle’s 12% recovery oil is meant to heal muscle and joints that have gone through extreme workouts. This formula is a blend of hytocannabinoids and other ingredients such as olive oil and 0.03% of THC, which are meant to help your body recover faster.

The daily recommended dosage is of 1 to 3 drops a day. Every 10ml bottle contains around 250 drops and these should be placed under tongue to ensure direct absorption before swallowing them. CBD oil should be taken right after a workout as it will help reduce fatigue and boost muscle strength and performance.

Extra Strength 6% CBD Recovery Oil


This CBDMuscle 6% recovery oil is meant to increase flexibility in your muscles and joints. It will also help you boost your workout skills before and after you workout. This formula is created for people who can’t process CBD in high doses and it provides the same benefits than the higher-concentration one.

This oil should be administered right after a heavy workout and the dosage should be 2 to 3 drops. On normal days you can take it twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed.

Pros of CBDMuscle

  • It aids recovery, making it speedy and efficient
  • It offers pain relief
  • It reduces inflammation, stress, anxiety, nausea and vomiting
  • It promotes bone growth
  • It causes no side effects
  • It doesn’t get you high
  • It’s 100% legal and of premium quality

Cons of CBDMuscle

  • Limited range of products

CBDMuscle Review Final Verdict

CBDMuscle is leading the market on CBD products because the offer reliable and healthy products that unlock the powers of CBD for bodybuilders and athletes that are looking for a natural and effective way of dealing with muscle and joint pain, as well as muscle recovery and overall performance.

We found that CBDMuscle’s oils are particularly helpful especially when it comes to treating cramps, pain and muscle repair. Overall, all of their formulas are reliable and the premium quality of their products guarantees you’ll enjoy the benefits they promise.

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