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30 Day Fitness Challenge

What does the word fitness mean to you? To each person, it’s something different. To many it’s a word that brings on the cringe of pain, doing something they simply hate and even something they will avoid at all possible costs. But, the 30 Day Fitness Challenge can change all that for you!

In fact, fitness can be enjoyable if you know how to make it be just that. Through this fitness challenge, we will teach you several very key elements to keeping yourself fit. Each tip and tool given is something that you can do easily, without much help and with the ability to see benefits.

This is a simple, no nonsense approach to overall fitness that simply makes sense.

Throughout this fitness program, we’ll point you in the direction of improving your overall health. For many that will mean losing weight. For others, that will mean improving other qualities of your life. There’s much to learn and improve on for most of us.

Understanding where you are at is difficult for many at first. It’s a hard realization. But, it’s not the permanent solution, it’s going to improve, one step at a time. It is important to document your starting point so that you can use it as a measurement to look back and see how far you have come.

We will show you which body metrics to measure and document to establish your starting point. These metrics will also give you a good idea on which aspect of overall fitness to focus on first!

Once you have your metrics documented, we take you through setting realistic goals for your 30 Day Fitness Challenge!

What You Will Learn In The 30 Day Fitness Challenge

So, what will you learn through this fitness challenge?

  • Improving your body fitness – your body must be maintained as much as possible for overall good health. This means learning to take care of it properly.
  • Improving your diet fitness – it doesn’t do much good if you don’t eat the right foods. Losing weight, for example, isn’t enough if you aren’t eating the right foods even if you are losing weight.
  • Improving your mind fitness – making sure you are emotionally and mentally fit.
  • Improving your lifestyle fitness – With lifestyle fitness, the goal is to improve your stress level. It has been shown that those that are under a lot of stress are often the most at risk for health problems due to the stress.

Throughout each of these aspects, we’ll teach you how to improve your life through easy, and even fun, ways.

Because each plays a role in your overall health, we’ll tackle what the healthy standard is, help you to understand where you are and then help you to get to the goals that you have.

Remember, each aspect is just as important as the next!

The Eat Think Wellness 30 Day Fitness Challenge comes with a comprehensive fitness program that talks you through each step of the program. Included with the fitness program is a workout exercise plan and recipes that will help you stick to your goals for your eating plan!

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30 Day Fitness Challenge

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30 Day Fitness Challenge

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I too old for these programs & challenges to work?

You are never too old to make a change and improve your health, fitness, and energy levels or lose a few pounds! If you have any underlying ill-health, however, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before attempting any of our life changing guides!

Do I need a bunch of fitness machines, a gym membership, or diet products to get started?

No, no and no. The exercises mentioned in the guides can be done using everyday items or equipment found in the home. You will not need a gym membership for the same reason. The eating guides and recipes do not include diet supplements, but designed to use natural healthy foods to achieve the weight loss results.

I have a slow metabolism / a slow thyroid / diabetes / heart disease... can these programs still work for me?

If you have a slow metabolism, our guides are geared to kit start your metabolism into fat burning mode! If you have any known illnesses or health issues, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before attempting to follow any of our health guides, eating plans or fat burning regimes!

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