The 28 Day Keto Diet Blueprint – Get Free Access Today!

Although the ketogenic diet has been around for almost a century, it is rapidly gaining popularity today. The reason for the increased popularity of this eating method is simple! It actually works! The 28 Day Keto diet Blueprint is a carefully laid out ketogenic eating plan. It is geared to get you on the path towards a healthier lifestyle by helping you understand and control your eating habits!

Why Keto Diets Work

The Keto eating methods have tremendous health benefits in addition to weight loss. The reason for this is quite logical! You are feeding your body exactly what it needs. At the same time, you will be eliminating toxins that will slow it down and cause ill health.

How Keto Diets Work

Ketosis conditions your body to survive on less food. By being in ketosis, you ‘train’ your body to utilize fats as the main source of energy instead of carbs.

The way the 28 Day Keto Diet Blueprint does this is by reducing the carbs so they are not available for your body to use. During ketosis, the liver breaks down fats into ketones. This enables the body to use the fat as energy.

During a keto diet, we don’t starve ourselves of calories; we starve the body of carbohydrates. This makes weight loss easy and natural.

The keto diet focuses on low carbohydrates, which the body converts into energy to help speed up weight loss.

The Problem With High Carbs

What exactly is the problem with high carbs, and why should you avoid them? Carbohydrates are converted into glucose and cause a spike in insulin. The insulin enters the bloodstream to process the glucose, which becomes the main source of energy. A spike in insulin can also result in storage of fats. The body uses carbohydrates and fats as energy, the former being the primary source. So the more carbs you consume in your daily diet, the less fat is being burned for energy. Instead, the spike in insulin will result in more fat storage.

When you consume less carbohydrates, the body goes into a state referred to as ketosis. Thus, the name for this low-carb diet.

The Keto Diet Is Easy

The keto diet is an easy diet, but some people do miss beans and breads. It takes a bit of getting used to, starting anything new is challenging after all. But ultimately, you’ll feel much better, both physically and mentally that you’d be happy to avoid carbs once and for all. And being able to eat bacon on a diet does have its rewards!

Other Health Benefits of Keto

Although the ketogenic diet has gained popularity as a rapid fat loss diet, it brings many other health benefits with it!

  • It helps control your blood sugar to prevent those dips in energy and food cravings and reduce the risk of diabetes.
  • It improves mental focus by including sufficient “brain food” in your diet.
  • Increases your energy levels by including foods that give sustained energy release.
  • Reduces acne and improves overall skin health.
  • Protects Eyesight by reducing the refined sugar content in your diet, thus reducing your risk of certain eye diseases, such a s cataracts.
  • Anti-Aging properties – The additional brain food in a keto diet increases brain function and reduces the risk of age related brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
  • A Cancer Fighting Diet – Keto diets have been shown to remove the “food” on which cancer cells feed, causing a reduction in the growth of tumors and cancer cells.

What’s In The 28 Day Keto Diet Blueprint

The 28 Day Keto Diet Blueprint comes with the following vital information to help you maintain a keto eating plan to improve your health!

  • In depth information on how a keto diet works and helps your body.
  • Information on specific health issues that are improved, reduced, or risk reduced on a keto diet.
  • Keto vs other eating plans.
  • What foods to eat.
  • Foods to eat in moderation.
  • What foods to avoid completely.
  • How to get started on a keto eating plan.
  • How to maintain a low carb diet after a keto diet.
  • 16 Delicious Recipes to try on the keto eating plan.
  • A comprehensive meal plan giving quantities of foods to eat, a shopping checklist, and even more recipes for you to try.
  • An exercise plan to compliment the keto diet plan.

The 28 Day Keto Diet Blueprint – Get Free Access Today!
The 28 Day Keto Diet Blueprint – Get Free Access Today!
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